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Germicidal Air Purification Systems

(Wall Mount Model G-375)


Fits into duct work

(Ventilation In line Duct Model)

The Dynamic Germicidal System was designed specifically to meet the increasing need to address airborne transmission of pathogens in health-care facilities, laboratories, research facilities and food processing plants. 

It's unique technology and configuration make it an extremely effective and cost-effective solution in minimizing the risks associated with airborne transmission of pathogens. 

What it is and how it works !

The Dynamic Germicidal filter is an extremely effective air filter for removing and killing harmful airborne pathogens. The combination of a high efficiency Dynamic non-ozone producing electronic filter and a ultra violet lamp has a proven 100% kill rate on common microorganisms. The built-in ultra violet lamp scans the entire filter surface effectively exposing UV light to the trapped bacteria. 

In laboratory testing, the Dynamic filter was proven capable of reproducing HEPA filter efficiency - the best there is. This enables the Dynamic filter to remove up to 99.9% of all airborne particles whether they be microscopic dust particles or airborne bacteria. Unlike HEPA filters the Dynamic filter has a very low resistance to air flow which permits a quieter, smaller, more efficient fan operation. The built in UV scanning lamp subjects the trapped bacteria to a 48,600 microWatt sec/cm2 of UV radiation. For each pass of the UV lamp, a trapped particle is exposed for 15 seconds, compared to other products which provide only a microsecond of exposure. This process is what ensures the 100% kill rate. 

Who Benefits From the Germicidal Air Purification System ?

Traditionally, antigermicidal chemicals and ozone gas have been used to kill harmful pathogens. However, controlled use of UV radiation is the only method of destruction with no harmful side effects. The Dynamic Germicidal System will trap and destroy airborne pathogens that spread disease, contaminate and cause decay. 

The use of the Dynamic Germicidal System by members of the medical profession demonstrates to their patients the professional level of care they can expect to receive in their facility by eliminating airborne health threats which are widely known to exist in medical facilities. 

Researchers or manufacturers can greatly reduce the risk of contamination in their facilities through the use of a Dynamic Germicidal System. Poultry farmers can help put a stop to the spread of Merick disease & Salmomella in their flock. Produce handlers can greatly increase the shelf life of their products and reduce waste. 

Where Can A Germicidal Unit Be Installed?

Practically Anywhere! There are two models available. The wall mount model is a stainless steel unit that is totally self contained. It simply plugs into a 110v electrical outlet and is located where airborne pathogens need to be eliminated. The internal two speed fan circulates 200 or 300 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The inline model is designed to be installed within the central air handler system to trap and kill pathogens within the entire system not just a localized area. 


  • Hospitals; Operating Rooms, ICU's, Maternity wards
  • Research Laboratories & Clean rooms
  • Nursing Homes, Health Care Facilities,
  • Medical & Dental Offices
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Vetrinary Hospitals
  • Food Preparation Facitities
  • 'Sick Buildings' - where typical symptoms exist.
  • Wherever airborne pathogens are a threat !

GERMICIDAL MODEL G-375 (Wall Model) :

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Specialized detachable brackets allow for easy relocation
  • Quiet efficient background operation
  • Powerful integrated UV light scanning mechanism
  • On/Off Switch with light
  • Width : 23" (58 cm) Depth : 12.25" (31 cm) Height : 20.25" (52 cm)
  • Weight : 48 lbs (22 Kilos)
  • Electrical Input : 120 VAC 60Hz 2.5A - Output : 6600 VDC 67 uA
  • UV Bulb : G25T8 Germicidal - 25 Watts
  • Air Volume : 300 CFM (Cubic feet / minute)
  • ANSI/UL Std. No. 544 (2nd Ed.) - Medical & Dental Equipment
  • ANSI/UL Std. No. 867 (2nd Ed.) - Electrostatic Air Cleaners
  • CSA Std C22.2 No. 125-M1984 - Electromedical equipment
  • CSA Std C22.2 No. 187-M1986 - Electrostatic Air Cleaners
Germicidal Testimonials:

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